A guide to learn how to make a mobile application

 This section I would like to point out some links and resources about learning and making personal mobile application as you may have already known about the trend of internet world developing and immerging at the present we trend to go smaller and tinier than the past with new hardware and software ability which trend to go smaller but faster than usual.

to be stay connected and access anytime anywhere from any devices we need to have some special place person and tools in order to achieved that function.

One basic solution to start for anyone I would suggest are as follow.

1 start to learn something new in a field of IT knowledge there are so many good and awesome websites and blogs to explore like YouTube for instance.

2. Personal cloud computing and teamwork 

3.Have a good plan and action

4. Learning by doing 

Mobile application making for personal usage.

Android app development  

   Apple developer for iOS

Appsheet for no coding mobile app making 

Thunable: Create Your Own Native Apps With No-Code

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