How to download and install virtualbox on Windows10

 If you want to install another operating system on PC in order to install or exprimental some software or script editor why not try this tools Virtual box.

What is virtual box is a software for insatll on computer and will allow you to install other OS or application base on its support platform.

How to install virtual box (VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, macOS)

1.go to

click download and install on your PC

then open the virtualbox 


go to free and open source OS 

and dowload desktop Ubuntu


after download finish 

go back to the virtual box click new

Enter the name for your new OS

Type : choose Linux 

Version : base on the Ubuntu we have just downloaded 

Next : Allocate the memmory for the new OS base on your machine specification Ram

-------------- Harddisk 

choose create the virtual HDD now.

Next : HDD file type

Select VDI Virtual Disk image

Next : Storage on Physical Hard disk 

Choose dinamically allocate 

--------------------- Next ...................

file location and type : Browse for the Ubuntu dowloaded on PC

type the name of the new virtual disk and select the size of disk.

back to the virtualbox window and choose new OS on the main panel.

----------------------- next ................

on the second tab :System where you can see the detail and the option of setting up new OS.

on the storage tab click on IDE second master and click the disk icon  :  choose virtual optical file and browse for the Ubuntu dowloaded the prior steps.

click : Start 

next windows will see try Ubuntu and install Ubuntu just choose install Ubuntu.

choose: erase disk and install Ubuntu

and click install now ! to begin the installation 

choose location 

choose keyboard layout 

fill up the text box for personal information and enter password for security as well.

this process will take time and sit back for some rest and finish the install Ubuntu.

restart to begin the learning process. 

like you can try on Libreoffice free office open source for instance.