How to install Visual Studio Code

If you want to learn computer language I would like to inform about 2 or 3 computer languages coding form like HTML ,Pyton and JS.

there are a couples of windows coding software availble on the internet to download and install ,for this article I would like to suggest the VSC or Visual Studio coding.

with this VSC is a bundle of tools and learning sources from html ,Js and pyton and etc.

Vsc is free tools to download and instll on windows and I pasted the link below for download and install.

Visual Studio Code

A standalone source code editor that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The top pick for Java and web developers, with tons of extensions to support just about any programming language.

VSC can install on windows , Mac and linux 
I suggest you to create the folder in VSC in order to start to learn how to use VSC
and then create the file nane as app.js 
var msg = 'Hello World';

How to run the code with in VSC 
download and install node.js before starting to run the code

How to run the first js script using the terminal within the VSC 
go to view menu and terminal
type node app.js 
you would see the msg Hello world

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