Review Thai Vowels app

learn Thai by yourself
if you want to learn Thai by yourself first you have to learn Thai alphabet ก- ฮ
after that you have to learn Thai vowels
so I would like to review this useful android app to anyone who interest to learn Thai
this application is Lesson 2- Vowels - Learn Thai
This application will teach you about the sound of all Thai vowels.
after downloading and installing the application
tab on the start button and listen to the sound of the vowels.
unlike the English vowels that consists of 5 vowels aeiou ,but Thai vowels is consists 32 vowels .
you can begin to see and practice to read all of Thai vowel in the smartphone one by one
-ะ,-า  is similar to -a
-ิ,-ี is similar to i
and so on
for instance only
for the rest is combine vowels which is not easy for me to give some sample .
but something can not tell but have to learn by yourselves.
Bottom line
This app is something than nothing if you are looking for only part of Thai vowels and know how to study it then this app is useful for you,but this app need to improve overall in the term of audio and graphical to draw audience interest.
to download this app and more information
please visit
สระไทย Thai Vowels - screenshot thumbnail
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