Cancel the printing job On Windows

I have seen some of the users who how to print their document correctly and easily,however some of them seem to be did not know how to stop or cancel the print job easily and correctly when somethong wrong happen with their job.

Sometime if something incorrect or found some  errors and then have to stop and cancel the printing instantly.

So some of them did nothing ,but  wait and let 's the printing job to finish ,so they can correct the mistake and start the printing job again. This simple option was simple and easy in the case that only 2-3 pages were printed ,but if the number of pages were 10 -20 pages this would not the good option at all.

How to stop the printer job immediatly?

When noticed some error on the print out paper or intend to stop the print job.

Do not press the Power off/On on the printer or shut down the windows or reboot the windows.

On windows 7

click on the start icon and then select Devices and Printers
This will bring up the printing Queue and select to cancel the job
Right click on the name list and click cancel

P.S. Repect the cancel agian  if the first command was not work for you  ,and if this process seem to be not working for you,then rebooting the windows is your option .



  • If your print jobs are currently printing, you can open the print queue by clicking the printer icon Picture of the printer icon in the notification area in the notification area.

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