Review Fun Easy Learn Thai

This app is very good and recommend for all user who looking or interesting in Learn Thai.. This app is free to download and install on your mobile devices such as iPhone ,Android Phone and Tablet. So if you have iOS or Android Smartphone with internet connection then you can go to Google play store and search for Fun Easy Learn Thai App and select to install on you devices.
This app contains 6000 words of Thai ,so this great for student who learn Thai to know a lot of Thai Vocabulary in common daily life such as sport ,transportation, Travel ,Health and etc.
Step by step what I have found after installing the App.
1st of all Select your Native Language.
The app has more than 50 language for you to choose such as English,Span,France , Italy,china and etc.
 Note :
Later on Setting user can tap to change the Native Language to whatever you like.
So in this review I chose English and then the next UI is a menu icon with Label that simple and easy to tap.
On the screen bottom tap Play to begin the exercise.
what you can do to practice Thai are;
4 Skill of language Learning ;Speaking,Listening,Writing and Reading
In addition, some of fun activities for learning such as Find image,Match Words and Listen and write is very good to learn Thai and improve rapidly.
Don't miss this helpful app and don't keep yourself in the classroom only.
Open you mind for the education app which and help your learning easier than before.
Bottom line    
Simple and interesting for students or interesting persons who learn Thai or want to learn Thai. Not go to deep detail and grammatical but for learning basic common and significant word ,phrase of Thai to connect and open the door for greater opportunity to learn Thai in the higher level.

For the 1000 Vacab is free for you
But for the rest you need to view the video clip to unlock.
เรียนภาษาไทย 6000 คำ - screenshot
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