Review Thai Language Exercise Por 3

Thai Language Exercise Por 3 is an education app for any person who is learning Thai Language by yourself and if you are looking for the learning aid app to assist you achieve your goal quickly then making the test or an Exercise is a must have to. 
Not only on the book available thank to the developer app to make a learning app is much more easy and convenient without to pay any dime.
This app is a 20 Thai Language Exercise menu ,after download and install on your phone or Tablet and open the app.
Select from the menu list Unit 1-20 
Most of the Exercise is about the Thai language Grammatical such as Syllable,Vowel,Alphabet ,Toning and stressing for instance.
In each unit there are 20 questions with the feedback to check you Answer instantly and quickly.

Thing to know 
This app is an Exercise Thai app not a Thai book.
Good for: A Person who is Learning Thai Language to prepare for the exam and test.
Price: No 
Level : Primary School and Secondary School.
Sum up
If you are learning Thai or interesting to learn in Thai then this helpful app is a good choice for you in order to prepare for the test or exam.
All exercise cover the content that teach in Thai school and accredited by the ministry of Thai Education.
when on travel or off school you can still use this app as a tool to help you pass the test or the exam.
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