Getting to know about 4G internet speed limit in Thailand

Know before making decision about 3G/4G internet in Thailand

when a tourist come to visit or plan to stay in Thailand and for sure 3g/4g internet package or plan is a must have to buy form the phone service provider in Thailand

There are 3 big names of mobile phone internet 3g/4g in Thailand

are as follow

  • AIS 
  • DTAC
  • TRUE

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How to buy ?

There are two type of SIM card available in the market place.

a prepaid SIM you have to buy a refill balance card form the store in order to use the phone and another one is a Post paid SIM you will pay at the end of the month depends on your usage.

in my idea

in order to control your data usage and bill the fist option prepaid SIM is the best choice of tourist who just come to stay in a short time.

save phone call bill and fee by  using social network like Skype ,Google hang out or Facebook to chat or communicate with your friend or family during a stay in Thailand is a recommend

so come to the point of this information article with the aim to inform all your guy about the 3g/4g service in Thailand for you.

first you must understand the rule of Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

in order to serve the fair for all users or customer

The mobile phone service company along with the communication in charge authority in Thailand agree to put the FUP for control the data 3g/4g usage in Thailand

say in brief

you selected 1GB DATA plan or package

Most duration for social app like Face time via Skype or hang out would be 3-5 hours.

and then after that what happen?

you can still continues access internet as usually,but with the speed limit only 384 Kbps,or 512 kbps for instance.

from my own experience along with some of my workers office we have a test for the Face time and VTC meeting via Skype and Hang out with the network of 3G/4G AIS ,TRUE and DTAC we found that acceptable for both the audio and video in such a limited speed as only 384 Kbps,or 512 kbps

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