What is a Google drive

 A simple and free service from Gmail account whenever you have signed up for Gmail account you will get a free Google Drive about 15 GB on cloud server where you can work on many popular application including office application such as Document Sheet and Presentation

Why use Google Drive?

the simple to access and work together with a team is a key point with acidity to share among them easily vie internet social media such as Line ,Messenger ,Facebook etc.
a good place to work with files and media so that no need to carry the drive with you but access them on server cloud anytime anywhere from your computer or mobile device

not everting will be create and work on Google Drive ,but some so consider to work some on Google drive for learning and doing something in your personal time and discover some new things. Joy! 

To log in you need to remember your Gmail personal account 
so ,write it down on the paper or the file 

sure you can click on forget password 
but not recommend 
why don't we remember it by ourselves

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