Learn to read Thai language lesson 3

For anyone who are learning Thai language either by yourself or with the teachers. I would like to introduce this small app for you to download and install on your android smartphone in order to practice to read Thai by yourself.
what a reason why you have to learn Thai language. In my point of view there are so many reason and so different ideas why people have to learn Thai.

  • For your business and investment in Thailand 
  • For personal interest and recreation 
  • For living and staying in Thailand
  • For better job opportunities and career path 
  • and etc.

This app will allow you to read in Thai language from the basic of learning process. The app will introduce you with Thai alphabet ,vowel and the way to mix them together to form the word and sentences.
Moreover, this application will also teach you Thai vocabulary. Every word you learn will have a picture.
When you can read all the words in this application you will be ready for the next lesson.

Sum up:
This app will help you to learn to read and understand Thai language easily by simple to complicate ,so this app is very good for new learner who interest and wish to learn Thai language .
Note : Learn Thai language is not  easy  and not to difficult as well. If you are pay attention and serious enough I think this app will help you learn a lot basic Thai.
Please note that this app is for a primary school kids in Thailand who is about to learn to mix and combine the word together.so if you learn from the first basic or first lesson like them who know this basic learning may pay you off someday in the future.

May 8, 2014 Version 6.0

Screenshot of เรียนอ่าน ภาษาไทย บทที่ 3Screenshot of เรียนอ่าน ภาษาไทย บทที่ 3Screenshot of เรียนอ่าน ภาษาไทย บทที่ 3