How to check windows 10 system properties

In some events home user need to be sure if the PC or Laptop which going to buy or upgrade has the correct hardware and software as the sellers tell.
Well at least you should learn and know the basic simple to check the windows system by your
To see if it same as brochure or advertising or not.
So ,if not what you have supposed to do.
Yes in my point of view I think you have to right to ask for more detail or an explanation from the seller.

things you can see on windows 10 system properties.

•Check CPU Model and speed
•Check memory (RAM)
•Windows OS version 32 bit or 64 bit
•Windows OS is activated or not

There are many ways users can see the windows 10 system properties.
1st method
On windows desktop locate on the task bar near the start icon 
click on the File Explorer
Then right click on This PC
Then click on Properties

2nd method
By using Searching menu 
By Typing keyword control in the search bar.
you would see the system is appeared 
Then click on the system.

that all