How to print document correctly

When we were working on the document on computer,we might wonder how to print out fast and conveniently with the quick print out button or short cut ,however did you know that to make a good habit of printing correctly and properly ,we have to/should print from the print command from the file menu which is offers us more control such as print all,current page and specify pages to print for instance. By using the print command with options to optimize and cross check for mistake and over sight will give us more.
From any office program such as word ,power point or excel
if you want to print ,instead of hitting the printer icon on menu bar,but go to menu file and click print which is more options and reservations to do
Choosing print options

This article can help you get the print results that you want—from choosing what to print, to selecting from available print options for your documents, and then selecting a printer. The print options available to you depend on the printer and program that you're using.

Decide what to print

Before you send a print job to the printer, decide if you want to print some or all of the document or webpage. You might, for example, need to make a note of which pages to print or select part of a document before sending it to the printer. Here are common printing tasks to consider:

To print only part of a document or file, make a note of the page numbers for each page that you want to print.

To print part of a page or webpage only, select the content you want to print before printing.

To print a specific page, click any place on the page before choosing print options for the document. The page that you clicked becomes the current page and you can print it by selecting that option in the Print dialog box.

After you decide what to print, choose how the print copies should look, and then select a printer.
Changing print quality to Draft Mode can help save time and ink. It's easy to do--just remember to change it back if you want to print something that looks great. I'll demonstrate using Windows and the Pixma MP530 all-in-one, but it should work much the same in any inkjet printer.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 2 minutes
Here's How:

In Windows, click on the Start button and choose Control Panel.
Choose Printers and Other Hardware from the menu that opens.
Choose View Installed Printers or Fax Printers.
On the window that opens, look for your printer's name. Right click on the printer's icon and choose Printing Preferences.
On the Print Quality tab, choose Draft or Fast (varies depending on the printer).
If you want to conserve your color ink, choose Grayscale Printing on the same tab (just remember you'll have to uncheck that box if you want to print something in color).
Press OK. That's it; now your printer will automatically print in Draft Mode (and in grayscale, if you chose that option) until you change it back. To change it, simply follow the same instructions and choose Standard for print quality.