Class Room Qrcode attendance Part 1


A teacher in a primary or 2ND school who want to have a tiny database system in order to manage his/her classroom via internet network and mobile application.

 You need to have 

Basic computer skill ,Ms Excel ,and internet skills

Computer PC orLaptop 

MObile phone android or iOS

internet network or Mobile phone network

First step 

Go to google Drive and select Google Sheet to make a table for keeping database information 

Type the table name as Student Time In 

Name the colunm as follow

  1. Student Name
  2. Photo
  3. Home address
  4. City
  5. Phone
  6. Class 
  7. Date
  8. Time In 
  9. Attend
  10. Reason 
  11. Qrcode    
  12. Student ID

Next Step

Go to Appsheet 

Create New App and Name as Student Attend

Select Google as a resource database 

On data menu click on column View 

Look for the data type of each column as follow

  1. Student Name        as Text 
  2. Photo           as image
  3. Home address        as Text 
  4. City     as Text 
  5. Phone      as Text 
  6. Class   as ENUM**
  7. Date            as Date
  8. Time In         as Time
  9. Attend         as YES/NO
  10. Reason         as ENUM***
  11. QRcode    as Image*
  12. Student ID           as Text and Mark as Key UNIQUEID 

** For Class as Enum 

add new value for simple select as follow

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 7

Highe School


*** For Reason as Enum add new value to select as follow

Sick Leave

Personal Leave


Qrcode    as Image* 

add the url in order to generate the student Qrcode automatically as follow


Next Step 

ON UX menu choose Form and Save

Next step

input some students as sample

Student A 

Student B

Student C


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