A good sample of business plan Joomla website

A sample of good marketing plan and strategies. I would like to share my experience to you about the example of business marketing strategies planning process which I was experienced during I did my search and study about the free hosting CMS for Joomla website.
For further information you can go to
About CMS Joomla is very popular and unique PHP language platform for making or creating a website due to its so simple and easy to install and create content and manage the website.
For me I don't know how many website running by CMS Joomla ,but a lot of course.
Let come to the point !!

  • Having a good plan and responsibility for your company and goal.
  • Clear and precise for action plan and execution .
  • Good corporate with the relevant business  for support and make things easier.
  • Creating a good environment for doing the business including trust and safe place.


For giving and sharing this helpful and useful sample for anyone who looking for how to have a business strategies plan and how to find the free hosting CMS Joomla. offer free register account by using your email only and start Joomla website instantly with the good offer for their customers.
One account can create up to 9 Joomla websites with each website 200 MB under the domain of /

How to win the customers mind by offering the free setting up Joomla website with in a minute.
So the customer can learn and practice Joomla website for free such as admin access and config website,making new articles ,change new templates ,module,extension ,and etc.
with only limited of 200 MB space for data storage may not enough for big company or growing website ,but more than enough to run the test site for free and learn how the Joomla website works for sure without to spend the dime.
The move and upgrade form the free account to paid account is a challenge for both offer the services and the customers who receiving the service.
After the period of time when the customers have learnt and fully skill of CMS Joomla website management will lead to new idea and investment for business then considering to move up to the pro or paid account would be expectation.
Of course I myself do not have data and information about the number of their customer who move from free account to paid account with their corporate hosting company
To me from my experience so far I feel very thank you for them to offer the good place where you can learn how to make free Joomla website by your own or for your company with out to pay for the domain and hosting.
Just consider to learn these things in the class or school at least you have to pay some money for travel ,and tutorial fee for instance.

Sum up!

There are so much a good business strategy plan to follow and I found this good strategy business marketing plan from and is also another good one to study and tale as a role model for your own business or enterprise.
by the way if you are the one who want to study Joomla CMS Website and looking for the place to begin I would recommend you to visit