How to calling a taxi in Thailand via Grab taxi

Calling a taxi in Thailand via android application name Grab Taxi!
a reason why to use Grab Taxi
We consider safety and ensure for register's a taxi driver with a selection more careful ,with GPS Tracking on position of customer when calling a car the taxi will come to pick up will display face ,Number plate ,and Phone number. Moreover can share data while travelling on board real time until reach the destination also the system vote for sanctification with will improve the better service in the future.

How to use

1 GrabTaxi will detect your location ,then choose your destination with automatic calculate the fare to know and hit the calling button.

2 Searching for the nearest available taxi with real time indicator.

3 When accomplishing with the calling will display the text and symbol on screen with in 1 minute.

4 Recieve detail about the driver who is coming to you and sharing your travel via social network as well.

More detail

How to install

Download GrabTaxi iOS in App Store , andriod Google Play Store or Windows Phone Windows Store
How to contact Grab Taxi if no smartphone

Please contact GrabTaxi Call Center 02-021-2500
GrabTaxi could be used where?

Bangkok and near by bangkok
Why to use mobile phone number to register

Fist time only you will get the passcode to open the account for calling the taxi and this information will be useful for call center and the driver who about to come and pick you up.
How much the fee

The driver of GrabTaxi will activate the meter when you get on the car only and you will be pay the fare as shone on the meter plus 25 Thai baht for using the Grab taxi service.

Why to pay 25 Thai baht

This fee is for the driver who is going to pick you which he have to reject other passenger for going to get you fast,however the driver will turn the meter on when you are on board only

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