How to make simple a book library by yourself using Appsheet

 A small school teacher who look after the libary may look for how to make your own simple and handy app to manage your libary .

step 1 go to personal Google drive 

Make new table named as Book or whatever related 

Add 5 sheet as follow






Step 2 go to

Make new app name as My Library or whatever you like 

Choose your data by selecting the Book table from Google Drive 

Add all of the sheet into the Appsheet 

Have a look for DATA TAB

On each of the table sheet  

click on view column to choose for the appropiate of the column type 

like as a  text

a Ref

a date

an image for instances 

### Make a copy for this code to put in the table data column on Formular ###

Member Qrcode : ""&[Member ID]&"&code=MobileQRCode&dpi=96&dataseparator="

##And another one for the book table on column book qrcode 

Book Qrcode : ""&[Book ID]&"&code=MobileQRCode&dpi=96&dataseparator="

Step 3 UX>Tab
Add book view form 
Add Member view form

and input some data to demos how the app is going to perform 

Step 4 will be a demo of the rental and returning the book 

That all.

this tutorial youtube clips for watching 

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