Top Up using Code Slip AIS SIM Mobile phone in Thailand

Communicating is very important and matter for everyone come to visit Thailand and one of the most convenient way is by using mobile phone network. In Thailand there are 3 big name companies invest in mobile communication business and you have options to choose.
One of the biggest company which have along history in Thailand mobile service is AIS company which offers both Prepaid and Postpaid mobile network service.
In Most case I do believe Prepaid is the most suit with a tourist who come and plan to stay for a short time in Thailand .Prepaid is the less obligation for customer to buy unlike Postpaid may need more evident to buy new SIM and register.

If you are using Prepaid AIS SIM on your mobile phone I would give some helpful advice about how to refill your credit balance.
How to top up the balance
in fact,there are many simple and convenient ways to do so such as

  1. Top-up spot , 
  2. Top up at AIS Shop/Telewiz Shop, 
  3. Top up via mPayCode Slip 
  4. Top-Up Automatic
  5.  top-up via credit card/bank accountATM ,
  6. Top-UpInternet Banking ,
  7. Top-UpSMS/USSD 
  8. Top-Up IVR 
  9. Top Up using Code Slip

,however for a tourist or a forefinger who just come to visit and stay in Thailand for a short days I would recommend to   Top Up using Code Slip is the most convenient and practical.

Where to buy AIS Code Slip ?
At 7-11 Shop 
Ask the seller for AIS Code Slip in English or in Thai 
To say "AIS Code Slip" in Thai 
Say "But Term Ngin A-I-S"
How much price available.
50 ,100,300,500  baht are available to select.

50 baht = HA-SIB Baht
100 baht = Nuieng Roi baht
200 baht = Song Roi baht

If no one understand English and nobody nearby assist.
Camera phone capture this Thai Word 
"บัตรเติมเงิน AIS"


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