Search and download over 15 million by Nexus Radio

Search and download over 15 million songs directly to your PC

Nexus Radio is an all-in-one solution for radio listeners who want to record their favorite radio content for playback on their PC, or any portable device that supports MP3s.

Search and download over 15 million songs directly to your PC, or listen to and record over 8000+ radio stations free of charge! You can play downloaded songs directly within Nexus Radio, or transfer songs to your iPod/iPhone or any other multimedia device effortlessly.

In addition to a library of rich music content, Nexus Radio is also loaded with additional free easy to use music tools. Create custom ringtones using the built in music trimmer, or use the Nexus Radio ID3 tag editor to easily tag your music files.
In brief Nexus Radio is a free aplication for anyone who would like to have a smart and classic application for search and download your favorite songs from the internet in just a secound time ,so it is very easy and helpful for anyone especialy the song lover

Link to download
How to Search and download over 15 million by Nexus Radio
# Step 1 Just go to ,and click downlod the free application
# Step 2 After downling the application ,then click to run setup.exe (File size is 9.8 MB.) by clicking Next for about 4-5 times to finish the installation ,then just open the application you would the application's interface as picture below ,however before we can access the application we have to register for free account first which is we can easily do by puting our information such as username,password,email,etc ,then after that click Create account to finish ,then everything should be OK ,now we would have already access the application and ready to begin

# Looking for the interface and command menu ,on the top is menu lists which is we can select for example Search we use when we wan to put the song name in to the search text box and hit the Enter wait a secound the search result should be appear on the right pane ,then we just click to select the song and click the play button

# click at station to select the radio station
# Click save song to save the song directly from internet to your PC ,very easy and convenient

# click View saved to view your save song

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